CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 7 rosepage 239
7.7 And so I say to you, although this Letter may be difficult to accept
at first, and will require time and effort to fully understand,
it is a strong link between your consciousness and mine.
7.7.1 In my transcendent state, I can do more for you when you call upon me
than I could if I were to return to earth in a physical body
when you might see me with your eyes and hear me with your ears,
but your understanding of Truth of Being might be limited.
7.7.1 In this mode of contact with your consciousness,
you can receive me direct into your mind and heart
when the pre-conditions to such contact have been fulfilled.
7.7.2 For I tell you truly, the more time and meditation you devote to these Letters, the more will it become possible for you to receive higher inspiration
and instruction from me, personally,
because with every reading of these Letters,
the more will your own frequencies of consciousness be raised
towards my spiritual consciousness frequencies – and eventually
we will be able to reach a true meeting place of consciousness.

7.7.3 Then – abundant will be the fruitage in your life.

7.7.4 To explain why this is so – I must tell you that my consciousness
descends through many differing planes of vibrational frequencies
of consciousness to meet the needs of those seeking help and inspiration. The many differing planes of consciousness, my consciousness
passes through, are all distinct from each other. Each level of Consciousness frequencies
creates and manifests as different conditions of existence,
since the highest and lowest vibrational frequencies of consciousness
are produced by the highest or lowest spiritual/mental/emotional patterns
or forms of consciousness. By high and low patterns, I mean those which are closest and furthest
from Divine Consciousness Intent.

7.7.5 As you know, each frequency of vibration of sound waves produces
its own unique and individual note and tone. Similarly, habitual mental/emotional thought forms produce
their own vibrational frequencies in consciousness and these in turn,
produce the outer conditions in which that consciousness resides. The higher the frequencies of vibration of consciousness,
the more beautiful, harmonious, joyous and fulfilled are the lives
of those who reside within those frequencies. The lower the frequencies, the more harsh, bitter, acrid, and miserable
are the lives of those who resonate to such frequencies.
Their lives are punctuated with disasters, deprivation, and brutality.