CHRIST Returns
An inexplicable event
Letter 6
rosepage 236

There is a strange – miraculous – happening attached to the following Letter. When Letter 7 was completed, the recorder was clearly told to use the par­a­ble from Matthew l3.v3. as opening paragraphs.

A little later, it came over her powerfully to add a paragraph on p.2 marked with **. Letter 7 was printed out. When collating the pages she was astounded – shattered – to find that half of page 1 was now taken up with the words:

I am the LIFE, the TRUTH, and the WAY

which had not been typed into the computer. It appeared to be a ‘footer’ for a page. But such a ‘footer’ could only be typed in by using the precise and specific Word Perfect instructions to create a ’footer’. Furthermore, only two lines are normally allotted to a ‘footer’.
A half-page would not be a ‘footer’!

Still shocked by the event, the recorder searched every file in the computer to see whether, at any time, she had used such a footer and forgotten it – but found nothing. A computer mechanic was called in, shown the text on the computer and the print itself but was unable to explain how it could have happened.

To this time, no one has been able to explain it.

For those who may not be aware of it, this statement I am the LIFE, the TRUTH, and the WAY, was made by JESUS CHRIST when describing himself during his mission in Palestine.

The text had already been quoted and explained by Christ on pag. 8 [actual p.11] of Letter 7, but he had used the words in a different order.

When you read the paragraphs marked ** on p.2. [actual §7.5.x] in con­junc­tion with the ‘footer’ on p.1, they will undoubtedly take on new meaning for you because they are obviously linked. First of all the wording of paragraph ** was energetically dictated and typed on the computer, and at some time immediately afterwards, the ‘footer’ was added to the bottom of the first page. Another mystery! How it that this ‘footer’ was not noticed at the time of printing? The recorder lives alone. No one else could have had access to the computer.