CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 235
6.150 Furthermore, you can, at any moment,
choose to gradually dismantle your past inner world
in order to create a more harmonious inner kingdom
of increasing love, vitality, and joy,
although your outer objects – people or possessions remain the same.
6.150.1 The spiritual power of the fabric of your consciousness
will be radiated outwards and absorbed by the people, plants and
bricks and mortar in your immediate vicinity.
6.150.2 There will be definite changes and improvements
in all that comes within your orbit.
It is your destiny in this life – or future lives –
to arrive at this full and complete realisation.
6.150.3 When you do, you will put your foot
to the path of self-mastery and then
gradually move forward to becoming a true master
of your human consciousness world interpenetrated
I, the CHRIST, commend this Letter to you.
I have put you in full possession
of some of the important facts of creation
which will enable you to transcend the ego
– the guardian of your individuality –
and to return to the UNIVERSALITY of BEING
from which you have really come.
You have within your hands, the means
by which you canmove into
unconditional Love, Joy and Personal Fulfilment.

section sectorial
6.152 Remember that I have said that I yearn over
the spiritual traveller’s progress.
6.152.1 As you move along the path I have outlined for you,
there will be times of confirmation that I am indeed with you
on your journey. You will see them – retain your faith in them.
6.153 At all times, I uphold you in Divine Love
for I am Divine Love in action.
Believe this
and find rest in my Consciousness enfolding you.