CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 233
6.139 The time has surely come when you must now be told
the truth concerning sin and human behaviour
and what people are presently doing to the world and to themselves
– providing you have fully abandoned the age-old myths
of religious doctrine and are presently eager, receptive, and gladly opening your hearts completely to the realities of existence.
6.139.1 If you are none of these things,
then what I have to say will have no meaning for you.
6.140 Believe me – you cannot mix your old religious beliefs
with the Truth of Existence. If you try to do so, you may be sure that
you are not seeing TRUTH, but only your own adaptation
of what you believe you have gained from these pages.
6.140.1 If you continue the search for Truth of Existence but remain
in a divided state of conviction, you may continue the search
at great cost to yourselves, torn by indecision, fear,
and a continuing inability to perceive the true meaning of the new teaching.
6.140.2 Your developing perceptions will be partially obscured by messages
arising out of the old conditioning of your conscious and subconscious mind. You may not realise the enormity of such a problem
at this present time, but it is a tremendous problem
because your present deep beliefs are your present truth
on which you construct your daily lives.

They are your reality.
6.140.3 Your convictions and strongly-held beliefs may be completely illusory
but if you fully believe in them in your sub-conscious, they become
absolutely real for you.
6.140.4 No matter how compelling of your attention may be
any new ideas contradicting your beliefs, your consciousness will be split
and will give enormous discomfort – even anguish to you.
6.141 Remember – your consciousness is the fabric out of which
you make your lives. This consciousness fabric is the ground of
your every response to every single thing which happens
in your mental, emotional and physical lives.
6.142 Your Consciousness is your reality.
This statement may be expressed in two ways,
both of which are the truth of your existence.
6.143 Your consciousness creates your reality, irrespective
of what the actual facts of your earthly life may be.
6.143.1 When people believed the earth was flat, they were afraid to venture
too far over the ocean lest the ship should fall over the edge.
6.143.2 The people who believed in a flat earth, lived according to that belief.
6.144 When Galileo said the earth was round, he was considered a heretic
but his perception of the roundness of the earth enabled sailors to take a new
look at the world and set out to discover what lay the other side of the ocean.