CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 232
6.132.1 Since then, down the centuries, men have battled with the concept
of sin and many sincere people have grieved concerning the way
they offend God and they beg for forgiveness.
6.133 Long ago, they sacrificed animals beyond number
in the Temple in Jerusalem, to appease God
and to hopefully escape the effects of their sinning.
6.133.1 Since that time, innumerable books have been written on the subject,
expressing grief and horror at the condition of men’s souls,
seeking ways to change their behaviour,
beating themselves with whips to torture the flesh
and make it pay for its wrongdoing in thought, words and deed,
and many of these books have been applauded by Christians throughout
Europe and housed within the archives of religious institutions.
6.134 They bind people to my age-old persona of Jesus, preaching the
salvation of man from punishment for his sins by my death on the cross.
6.134.1 As I have explained elsewhere, these beliefs are physically impossible
and contrary to the facts of creation.
6.135 No payment is extracted for sin by any superior Deity.
6.135.1 This is a human concept entirely – and pagan.
6.135.2 All blood-letting
of any description for the purpose of religious rites is paganism.
6.135.3 The Christian church has presented its followers
with nothing less than a glorified version of paganism.
6.136 When people make other people unhappy in any way,
they are creating their own future comeback. Not as retribution
but as a consciousness activity of creation.
6.136.1 Therefore, it is a matter of urgency that these beliefs
in sin and salvation by my death on the cross
should be strongly combated – and replaced –
by the spiritual understanding given you in these Letters.
6.137 Before leaving this subject of religious doctrines,
I want to make it clear that some spiritual seekers within the Christian church,
down the ages, have sufficiently purified their consciousness
to become strongly aware of Power they have called GOD,
and have come to recognise that the Source of Being
is not as taught by the Church.
6.137.1 But only a few people have been sufficiently spiritually evolved
to move beyond the parameters of religious beliefs to feel
the full inflow of Power since the vast majority of people can only
conceive Truth within an earthly terminology.