CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 231
6.125.4 They threatened and punished each other in the belief that
sins were evil and that their GOD would punish men
for their wrongdoing against each other. This behaviour is practised to this day in the churches. Ministers try to control people by fear.
6.126 THE CONCEPT OF SIN against Jehovah, the Eternal and infinitely
Mighty Creator, was a clever and powerful method of controlling other people!
6.127 The church beliefs are a tragic travesty
of all that I tried to teach the people in Palestine.
6.128 Moses first enshrined the belief in ‘sin’ and ‘punishment’
in the form of the Ten Commandments.
6.128.1 Moses said that they were given to him by GOD and that
if the Israelites broke them they would have to suffer the penalty
– in some cases, this meant death by stoning. They were taught that
by breaking the Laws, the Israelites would be sinning against their God.
6.129 The exact truth is, Moses went to the mountain to pray for a means
by which to control the unruly Israelites. In answer to this prayer
– the Ten Commandments were inspirationally given to him
to help him in his task of bringing the Israelites safely through
their desert sojourn with the least degree of trouble-making.
6.130 Religionists are happy to accept and wholeheartedly believe in a God
which reputedly instructed Moses to engage in aggressive procedures
and massacres when conquering the ‘promised land’.
6.130.1 A beautiful and productive land was callously grabbed
from hard working people who were slain in their thousands.
6.130.2 This was regarded as the right thing to do
since God had promised them a beautiful land in which to settle.
6.130.3 To this day, religionists believe that since God spoke to Moses,
it must be God who decreed the ensuing bloodshed.
6.130.4 There are many similar horrific descriptions of war
and bloodshed in your Bible considered permissible
– just and right – because it was believed that GOD
had instructed them to go to war – against Gentiles.
6.131 Can you not see in the history of the Jews, the rampant EGO-DRIVE
in which even GOD is used to exempt them from blame?
6.131.1 In the moment of self-aggrandisement, it became permissible and
equitable to ignore the Ten Commandments and indulge in wholesale massacre.
6.131.2 They believed no sin was involved because the killing
had been ordained by GOD. What a God!
6.132 Can you not also perceive why it was necessary for me to be born
in Palestine to live amongst the Jews in an effort to help them see that
their traditional beliefs and practices were all contrary to the very
Nature of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS which had truly given them being?