CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 230
6.122 Because I spoke of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
the church decided at the Council of Nicene that I must have been referring
to Three Persons in One. Consequently, people pray to the Father
to ask for benefits, implore the Holy Spirit to instruct them spiritually
and pray to the Son to save them from their sins.

6.122.1 Can you begin to see how earthy and humanly conceived
are these beliefs? Can you also see how emotionally based they are?

6.123 Because of the emotionalism and the promise of
a free trip to heaven on the heels of the Saviour,
the beliefs have become a humanly conceived religious structure
to enshrine an empire of Church within earthly empires
– Rome, Austria, Spain.
6.123.1 They have been the excuse for wholesale torture,
and death by burning and execution of dissidents.
6.123.2 They have inspired wars between nations.
6.124 But the spiritual perception and creativity arising out of some of the beliefs have also contributed much to existence in the past two millennia.
6.124.1 These beliefs have been the reasons for building of cathedrals and churches, monasteries and convents, giving people a stable purpose,
the ability to express their artistic gifts and provided work for the less talented.
6.124.1 The beliefs have also directed millions of people’s consciousness
towards the higher realms of beautiful thought and love.
6.124.2 They have even been the impetus behind mysticism
and enlightenment when spiritual souls
have come to see the Reality previously hidden by the beliefs.
6.124.3 Whilst this has been happening, the beliefs have also created
the conditions for the development of echelons of religious superiority
and immeasurable grandeur and wealth. These are humanly conceived and created edifices of ego-impulses
and are therefore, from a spiritual standpoint – entirely spurious.
6.125.1 It must also be understood that down the centuries, people perceived
that facets of human behaviour were detrimental to the welfare of others.
They witnessed killing, stealing another’s wife and possessions,
causing much pain and grief in the community, making life difficult
and at times, intolerable.
6.125.2 It was reasoned that surely this behaviour
must be contrary to the will of what they termed GOD. They gave this behaviour the name of sin and termed it evil.