CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 23
1.40 It must be widely accepted there is a HIGHER VISION
to strive to implement in your daily lives.
1.40.1 It is only by reaching for a higher vision
that the physical world will be rescued
from wholesale annihilation. Without the vision either for the self or for the world,
there can be no spiritual evolution
or the achievement of those things greatly desired. At the present time, your perception of life
is one of travail and deprivation. These beliefs are shockingly depicted

and re-inforced by your TV viewing. They later bring upon you
the misery you hope will never happen to you.
1.41 Therefore, to save you from your own folly
expressed through the media and TV,
the ‘human consciousness’ must be SPEEDILY uplifted
to see what I saw in the desert
1.41.1 the Reality of Love behind and within all existence.
When this great truth is both perceived and warmly acknowledged,
the Reality of Love will begin to manifest Itself
in multiple ways in every living thing
and in the environment itself.

1.42.1 The experience of abundance and joy will re-inforce
the consciousness of abundance and joy.

1.42.2 And so a spiritual spiral of ever more exalted and wondrous living
will be set in motion.
1.43 When the TRUE nature of Being is fully understood
– humanity will move on to the next rung of spiritual evolution
and will put into motion a new and blessed form
of human endeavor and personal experience.
1.43.1 To achieve these goals, Humanity must first gain insight into:
WHAT and WHO you are.