CHRIST ReturnsTruth on the Last Supper
Letter 6 rosepage 229 I said they would abandon me. They vehemently denied such a thing
– but they did. I was too tired to argue with them, and I had grown
  so strong, so secure in the knowledge that the Father was within
– and with me at all times, I could afford to forgive their disloyalty.
6.117.17 And, at the end of it all, I would be released from my body
and able to ascend into the realms of Light I had so often sensed
but never fully seen with earthly vision. It was a thought bringing me deep comfort and a happy sense of expectation.
6.117.18 So I smiled at them and said: “It is good you have done what I asked
in commemoration of me – and of my death yet to come. Continue to break bread and drink wine together, remembering I have ever loved you and will remain with you in spirit until you join me where I go. Do not fear, you will be guided, you will be inspired,
you will be made strong, and you will speak with clear, clear voices. My only warning is this. In the future, much that I have taught you
will be forgotten. Much that I have told you will be reasoned away
by human thinking or distorted by human myths.”
6.118 Then there was panic and a clamour: “How will this be?”
I smiled and raised my hands.
“I have told you what will happen in the distant future. Meanwhile,
be true to all I have taught you and do not doubt any word I have spoken.”
6.119 Then it was time to go to the garden of Olives, the place where
the Chief Priest’s soldiers would seek me.
6.119.1 My disciples wanted to ask more questions
– but now I had reached the end of my speech with men. I wanted only
to prepare myself in total silence for my ordeal, moving in spirit into a state
of secure, consistent attunement and communication with the Father .
6.120 We walked to the garden and I retreated to my favourite rock.
Sheltered from the wind, I sat down and pulled my cloak around me.
Closing my eyes, gradually I felt myself moving into a great inner
stillness of spirit and a powerful silence.
6.120.1 Then the Power Itself descended and pressed in on me
and possessed my mind and heart. It filled me with such supreme love
that I knew I was supported and sustained in love,
and could retain my love for all, no matter what happened to me.
That was all that mattered now that my hour had come.