CHRIST ReturnsTruth on the Last Supper
Letter 6  rosepage 228
6.117.11 I wondered how I might leave these confused, somnolent followers
an effective token of remembrance – some ritual to bring back
to their muddled minds all that I had tried to teach them.
6.117.12 I wanted to shake them out of their sanguinity.
6.117.13 As I listened to their talk about Moses and his various miraculous activities, it came to me that if they were so pre-occupied with blood
– then blood I would give them to remember me by.
I bent over the table and picked up a loaf of bread
and broke it into several pieces and said quite roughly:
“I am like your Passover Lamb. Pass it around, take your share,
eat, and do this in remembrance of me who has brought you
the only real TRUTH the world has ever heard. Let this bread be a symbol of my body
which is about to be broken on the cross.” They stopped talking and stared at me.
“Go on, eat!” I told them. As in a dream, they quietly took some bread
and passed it around, chewing a little of it.
6.117.14 I then picked up the large goblet of wine and told them to drink from it
and pass it round. “This wine is a symbol of my blood.
I came to give you the TRUTH. Truth about GOD – Truth about life.
But I have been rejected. My blood will flow for you.” Again, in silence, they drank from the goblet and passed it
to the next man. Their faces were strained but they said nothing.
It was obvious that all were shaken by my words and did not like them.
6.117.15 I knew that Judas had been given money to point me out
to the Chief Priest’s soldiers when the moment was right. I knew, also, that the night of the Passover was to be the night. I said to Judas: “Go quickly and do what you have to do.”
Judas looked at me for a long moment and I saw the pain and indecision
in his eyes. He was having second thoughts but my time had come
and I wanted to get it over and done with.
“Go,” I said harshly. Judas got up and left the room.
6.117.16 The disciples were amazed at the way I had spoken and asked
what it was he was going to do? “He is going to the Chief Priest to tell him
where to find me. They are going to crucify me – just as I’ve told you.” I looked at the various expressions on their faces, doubt, shock,
horror, with a degree of painful cynicism. Then there was an outpouring
of resentful interrogation. What would happen to them?
They had left home and family for me. They would be losing a life
of freedom and security if I were crucified like a common felon.