CHRIST ReturnsTruth on the Last Supper
Letter 6 rosepage 227
6.117 I had extricated myself from threatening situations before.
6.117.1 As was customary at the Passover, they were speaking about
the circumstances surrounding the escape of the Israelites from Egypt.
6.117.2 John, who was highly imaginative, was giving them a colourful account
of Moses calling together the Israelites and telling them that, at last,
they would finally leave Egypt and escape from their life of slavery
into freedom in the desert! For this reason, Moses directed the head of each family to kill an unblemished lamb and with handfuls of herbs, paint the blood of it on the door posts of their dwelling. Moses said that angels would come at night and fly through Egypt killing the firstborn of all Egyptians and stock, leaving only the first born
of the Israelites who would be saved by the blood on their door posts.
6.117.3 As I listened to them, and saw their smiles and nods
of ac­knowl­edge­ment of this ‘wondrous’ happening,
I realised with a pang of anguish how little they truly understood
my description of the Heavenly Father.
6.117.4 I heard John’s words concerning: Blood, blood, blood
– blood of the unblemished lamb, blood on the doorposts,
blood of the Egyptian children and livestock.
6.117.5 As ever, I marvelled at the centuries old Jewish preoccupation with blood, and briefly remembered that Abraham was even prepared to sacrifice
his only son, intending to slaughter and offer him as a sacrifice
because he believed God had told him to do so.
6.117.6 I then thought of the daily animal sacrifices in the Temple!
6.117.7 To me, the entire concept of blood-letting as a way of paying for sin
was an absolute abomination.
6.117.8 But I remained silent and did not argue with the men. I realised that their minds were filled with these traditions,
as solid and enduring as rock.
6.117.9 This was our last supper together, our last meal all at one table.
It should be a time of peace between us and a loving farewell. Doubly momentous for my disciples because the Passover
was so sacred an event for their Jewish minds and this
I would have to accept in the spirit of love and understanding.
6.117.10 Previously, I had not celebrated the Passover since the tradition
sickened me. I preferred to go into the hills quietly to meditate,
leaving my disciples to eat the Passover with their families. Because of my previous attitudes, they did not wonder at my present silence. Now, I half lay, half sat, unable to relax as I usually did
– tense, wrought up, compassionately warm towards my disciples
– yet half annoyed with them.