CHRIST ReturnsTruth on the Last Supper
Letter 6 rosepage 226
6.115.1 My body!

What good would my body – spiritualised or not – do for the communicant?

6.115.2 Can you see how the mind can be conditioned into accepting
illogical nonsense which can endure almost two thousand years
because it was backed by a great hierarchy of Pope,
6.115.3 Cardinals living in palaces, immense wealth, and upheld in earthly pomp
and ceremonious prestigious circumstances?
6.116 I want you to know the truth about that fateful night
– what you call my Last Supper.
6.116.1 Though painful to do so, for the sake of greater clarity,
I have brought myself down in consciousness frequencies of vibration
right into the conscious recollection of my thoughts and feelings
during my last meal with my disciples.
6.116.2 Although a strong man, enlightened, and certain that I had a destiny
to fulfill which I could not avoid – did not want to avoid – I was also deeply sorrowful as we commenced our meal – the eating of the Passover.
My disciples had been my friends and had stood by me during some difficult circumstances. I was sad to be leaving them and fearful for their well-being.
6.116.3 What would happen to them when they found themselves
alone without my guidance and protection?
They had depended on me more than they knew.
6.116.4 I recalled my years teaching the people.
I felt a deep sense of irony as I remembered my return from the desert
– dirty and unkempt but literally possessed by my joyous concern
for my fellowmen, and intensely excited that I could now put their feet
to the right path, implant in their minds the truth concerning existence,
show them how to overcome their fears, their sickness, poverty, misery.
I was going to conquer the world!
But how differently it had all turned out!
Tomorrow I would hang on a cross!
6.116.5 It was true, however – I had achieved much success.
I mused over the instances of healing and the people’s joyful acceptance
of the Loving Father. I could understand why the High Priest and the Council hated me. Instead of fear, punishment, and animal sacrifices, I had brought the people the reality of the Father_Love, proving it by healing terminal cases.
6.116.6 I brought my attention back to my disciples who were talking to each other whilst eating. They were still unaware of the challenge that lay ahead
of me – my crucifixion. Although I had repeatedly warned them,
they refused to accept my words as truth. They thought I had become frightened of the Chief Priest and wondered why.