CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 225
6.111.1 All that people have known of such a super-human god
has been derived from reading the colourful descriptions of ‘God’
given by prophets during their sojourn on earth.
6.111.2 It is a hallmark of how illusory are religious beliefs
that religionists return only to the ancients for their truth
since they cannot believe that GOD is truly real,
eternal and equally able to speak to people in your day and age.

6.112 Your ministers are terrified of any beliefs
which do not meld into the old ones.
6.112.1 They never consider – or are afraid to consider – that perhaps
spiritual knowledge within the earthly dimension – is evolutionary!

6.113 I want you to see that a fabric of belief,
a mixture of rationalisations and beliefs
has been concocted to make a web of mental/emotional security
with which to enmesh and trap the minds and hearts of people.
6.113.1 All that people are taught in the Christian faith is emotionally-based
and emanates from hearsay, derived from early reports
of my life and death on earth. Yet these are believed fanatically.
6.113.2 Christians are taught that: “God is Love – and God is aware of your sin
and punishes, disciplines, rewards the doers of good
and sends misfortunes to the evil-doers
This is an exact description of human activity and consciousness!
6.114 Christians are taught that I, the Christ, in the persona of Jesus
died for the sins of the world.
6.114.1 I was the “unblemished Lamb of God sacrificed to pay the price
for people’s sinning
”! I made a supreme sacrifice of myself
to accomplish this strange feat of payment of sin down the ages.
6.114.2 I again entered my body after death by crucifixion
and appeared many times in the body to comfort and teach
my mourning disciples. I even ate food during my appearance to them.
6.114.3 After forty days, I ascended out of sight of my disciples,
taking my body up into heaven.
6.114.4 As I asked in Letter 3
– what would I do with a human body in heaven
– in the life beyond?
6.115 Because I said at my last supper with my disciples
that they should remember my last meal with them
by breaking bread and passing it to each other,
and should each drink from the same cup of wine,
and remember that my body was crucified and my blood spilt
to bring them truth of being, this incident was converted into
the bizarre belief that with pomp and ceremony at the altar,
my body was transferred to wafers which communicants
should swallow with all due reverence.