CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 224
6.106.1 For this reason, it is an absolute necessity to first analyse
your present beliefs and the origins of church doctrines
before continuing to teach you the deeper Truth
about the nature of the Universal and the nature of man himself.
6.107 To fully understand the origins of Christian doctrine,
you must travel back in time to the beginnings of Judaism
and there find the rationalisations of the human mind which struggled
to define in words what was felt intuitively to be a probable source of being.
6.108 Those of you who are struggling to free yourselves of past myths
and erroneous beliefs, must now come to clearly perceive for yourselves
understand – the fundamental difference between church belief
and the TRUTH of EXISTENCE I am presently attempting to explain to you.
6.109 Until you can clearly discern the origin and form of your present beliefs,
you will not be able to shake yourselves completely free
of the illusions of your past conditioning within the church.
6.109.1 You will have a foot in both camps – a dangerous position to be in.
6.109.2 This state of mind will give rise to great mental conflict
and may cause you to abandon the search
and return to the old, comfortable, emotionally secure
religious forms which are leading you nowhere.
6.109.3 So beware and do not allow yourselves to be intimidated
by threats of displeasing GOD and likely damnation.


6.110.1 Therefore, we will begin with a description of the origins of a belief
in GOD, a name which has meant many different things to mankind.
6.110.2 This belief began when the ancient Hebrews walked the desert plains
and questioned the origins of creation.
6.110.3 It was imagined that in some way the SOURCE of CREATION must
surely be a superhuman man-god invisible and far transcendent
to earth and human kind.
6.110.3 Some of the ancient prophets were mystically aware that
the Source of Creation was diffuse and present – in some way –
throughout creation and was also sited in the eternal dimension
but this mysticism was not available to the average human mind.

6.111 You must also understand that, despite the present seeming reality
(in your minds) of such a ‘God’ from your readings in the Bible,
no one has ever glimpsed such a superhuman man-god
in any form whatsoever, except, perhaps, Moses
who claimed he saw Him in a burning bush
and described Himself as “I am that I am”.