CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 223
6.105.1 I am now about to speak to you about more mundane affairs
and as you read the following pages, I want you to review
what is happening to your mood or feeling of well-being.
6.105.2 This is still an exercise in the recognition of what is happening in your
consciousness as your thoughts change and you employ a new set of words. Please read the next pages very carefully,
whether or not you are a professing Christian,
even though you may be strongly tempted to skip them. Write down your responses, ideas, feelings
– particularly any changing feelings of depression or pleasure. Make a note of the number of the page when the words begin
to lighten your mood and lift you on to a higher plane of peace and happiness. This is a most important exercise, for, unless you do it,
you will continue to read about consciousness for ever,
but will never reach a deep understanding
how it is the basic energy of your existence,
of matter, your body and environment, your life events,
your MOODS and your spiritual aspirations.
6.105.3 You will not begin to realise that CONSCIOUSNESS is the be-all
and everything in your existence and experience – until you notice
how ideas and opinions can raise or lower the frequencies
of vibration of your consciousness.
6.105.4 I want you to become aware of the words you use in your daily lives,
the quality of life they create for you, and the impact they make on others
– either lifting their moods into peace and joy
or leaving them depressed and depleted.
6.105.5 Furthermore, it is my earnest intention to reach those of you
who are presently adherents of the Christian religion and are struggling
with past or present religious conditioning, thus finding it difficult
to extricate your perceptions from dogma in order to move freely
within the finer frequencies of vibration of higher spiritual knowledge.
6.105.6 You may be fearing damnation if you even read these pages
– and yet they have a drawing power for you and you intuitively feel
that you are reading about the TRUTH of EXISTENCE which
you have not been taught by your ministers. You are torn by your pressing need to know the Truth and your fear
of displeasing God in whatever form you presently perceive Him to be.