CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 222
6.100.1 For no longer will you seek to put others down in order
to make yourself feel greater and more selfconfident.
Your entire consciousness will be directed to affirming other people
and building up everything within your orbit.
6.100.2 You will seek to nourish, nurture, teach, protect, maintain,
fulfill the needs of others, and seek to lovingly establish order
out of chaotic mindless actions.
6.101 Having written your golden aspirations on your sheet of paper,
again lie down and reach out to your DIVINE REALITY
and ask that the beautiful impulses – the nature of the Divine
may gradually spread through your mind and heart
and become your own consciousness.
6.101.1 When this happens, your soul will be like a baby chick
pecking and pecking, breaking its shell to emerge
into the wonder of the great big world to be united with mother hen,
patiently waiting for her child to re-join her.
6.101.2 This is how it is with me and all other Christed souls.
6.101.3 We wait and watch and help the people
who long to find out the cause of their emptiness of spirit,
who set their hearts on transcending earthly occupations,
whose minds are being drawn to higher purposes in life,
and who dream of coming into perfect attunement with
their own souls and their DIVINE SOURCE OF BEING.
6.101.4 We yearn with love over the spiritual travellers
more than the travellers even suspect. This means that we yearn with love over you
who are reading this Letter.
6.102 When you are again united with your Source of Being,
you will have achieved your true purposes on earth.
6.102.1 You will have accomplished your true mission in eternity.
6.102.2 And now – let your REAL LIFE begin!
6.102.3 You will have entered the Kingdom of Heaven!
6.103 I will not tell you what qualities to write for your new consciousness
– these must come out of your present perceptions of the highest and best.
6.103.1 Again study the Divine Nature of Divine Consciousness
which I perceived so clearly in the desert and described for you in Letter 1.
6.103.2 Let this Divine Nature become your own nature.
6.104 I want you to know that when you embark on this journey
in true sincerity, I will be at your side in every eventuality.