CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 220
6.97 I want you to realise fully that I have only come to help you
rid your self of the undesirable egodriven thoughts and emotions
presently controlling your mind. I am also here expressly to encourage
and help you – yes, help you – develop within your mind and heart
all the lovebased thoughts and emotions which will bring you
into harmony with Divine Consciousness.
6.98 It is my most urgent and loving purpose to bring you
out of the grey shades of existence which you presently inhabit
– into the sunshine of spiritual enlightenment that awaits you
when you have conquered the ego-drives,
become unified with your soul and Father-Mother_Life
and moved into the harmony of unconditional love for all.

6.98.1 Therefore, I will repeat the list of negative characteristics
set out on 1st page. I want you to read them carefully and watch
your own reactions and feelings as you go through them slowly.
	Criticism, sarcasm, judgmentalism, rejection, denigration, enmity, 
		intolerance, hatred, jealousy, aggression, violent impulses,
			 thieving, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, slander –
6.98.2 How do you begin to get rid of any of those you know to be
part of your consciousness?
6.98.3 Do not be too ashamed to face up to them, since you are a human being
and have been born under the influence of these characteristics of the ego.
So do not be too afraid or too downcast to face up to them.
6.98.4 Take the first step in total honesty – and write them down.
6.98.5 The second step is to take the sheet of paper and lie down
and place it on your chest.
6.98.6 Close your eyes and reach out in thought to the DIVINE REALITY
– your Source of Being, which you should now realise
  is your Loving Procreator
– your true Spiritual Father-Mother
– which radiates unstintingly and continually and consistently

6.98.7 Give time to quietening your mind until you feel that
you are moving beyond your own consciousness.
6.98.8 Then ask, in perfect faith, and expect an immediate answer, since you
are operating in consciousness, for help in removing, dissolving, overcoming
the false and unnecessary rejection ego-drives in all the days to come.
6.98.9 Emotionally, you make it clear to your Spiritual Father
or Divine Realityand therefore to yourself –
that you want no more of these ego-negatives in your consciousness.
You ask for the inspiration and strength to make every effort
to avoid or deny them, from that day forward.