CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 219
6.91.3 They explain it away in human terms.
Do not do this – for you will lose what you have been given!
You will greatly delay your spiritual progress.

6.92 If you read these words and are afraid to believe them, or
believe they are foolishness, or feel you will lose prestige if you believe them
– you are making a creative form in consciousness
which will negate any constructive response
you may have originally had to this Letter.

6.92.1 So I say to you – cherish your moments of belief, preserve your special
times of contact with THAT WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING,
believe in them,and hold them fast in your consciousness
and gradually you will move forward on to the heights
of spiritual consciousness – to great insight and joy.
6.93 Again, I say, do not put these Letters to one side. I cannot sufficiently
emphasize your need to think about them, recall what they have to say.
6.93.1 If you cannot remember, then return and read them yet again,
and yet again, and yet again,
until they have been absorbed into your consciousness.
6.93.2 The more you meditate on them daily, so will they be clarified in your mind and will come to have ever greater meaning for you.
6.93.3 Eventually, you will find that they have been like food and drink, building up your morale and determination to help change your present conditions
into those of harmony, widespread growth, prosperity and peace.
6.93.3 Great inspiration & joy will be yours when you come to realise that
the immensity of That Which Brought You into Being is radiant, rapturous
ecstatic Power – beyond your present capacity to dream and imagine –
6.94 It is Reality – IT is the SOURCE of BEING – the SOURCE of everything
that you see in your natural living world and in many levels
of existence beyond the one you presently inhabit.
6.95 When you are abundantly receiving Divine Consciousness into
your mind, yourself, into every facet of your existence,
then you will begin to see the enormous difference,
you will look back at the times of stress and unhappiness
and see that gradually the limitations of your life
will have yielded to greater blessedness.
6.95.1 This becomes an ongoing process in your life. Be of good heart
– It is truly I, the CHRIST, who is reaching out to YOU
and the world through the medium of these Letters.