CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 218
6.88.2 Out of that contact will come the inspiration and strength
to accomplish the cleansing more swiftly.
6.88.3 As the cleansing takes place, you will experience
new found happiness and fulfilment in every area of your life.
6.88.4 You will also receive inspired directions in regard to your daily lives,
either during your meditation or like a ray of light in your mind
when you are at peace and thinking of some mundane matter. If you do not discount or reject these directions
but follow them – faithfully and carefully – you will be taking your first steps
to becoming, eventually, a great and successful planter
and reaper of creative ideas in your environment.
Everything connected to you will blossom, flourish and prosper. Everything will respond and bless you with newness of life.
6.89 If you discipline yourself in meditating daily with undeviating devotion,
you will eventually begin to feel a response and inflow of
and the words you are using will take on new meaning.
The words will be imbued with UNIVERSAL LIFE.
6.89.1 You will be filled with joy and will rejoice exceedingly, because
you will then Know the power is real and active in your mind and life.
6.89.2 You will come to rely ever more confidently on the power
beginning to be manifested in your affairs.
6.89.3 You will want to draw others into your state of blessed
harmony for other people will be aware of It and ask you about It.
6.89.3 Not only this – you will be experiencing a new kind
of brotherly love and will want to share what makes you happy,
with other people.
6.90 I cannot emphasize this Truth enough, this need to meditate, since
so many people give up the search and the self-discipline of daily listening
before they have fully cleansed their consciousness and arrived at that state
of inner purification so necessary to making perfect contact with
the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS – the Source of your Being.
6.90.1 When you do make contact – seeming miracles happen! This is the commencement of the Universal Power taking on
form and shape in your soul, body, mind, heart, and circumstances.
6.91 I tell you truly – you may trust my words implicitly – if you persevere,
there will come a moment when you actually feel the contact,
and know that you have made contact.
6.91.1 You have then reached a most crucial time
in your spiritual/human development!
6.91.2 For a few hours so many souls feel uplifted and joyful
but then the daily cares intrude into their minds,
and they intellectualise the experience.