CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 217
6.85 You may ask: “ Why should I clean out my consciousness?
6.85.1 I tell you – YOU would never plant a field of mealies
without first putting in the plough to turn the ground, and then the equipment
to make a fine textured soil and scatter the fertiliser.
6.85.2 In ignorance, you could plant amongst the existing weeds in lumpy
ground and omit the fertiliser and your crop would be thin and patchy.

6.85.3 So is it when you muddle along in your earthly self-centred thoughts and live entirely in your own human knowledge, strength and will.
6.85.4 You are limited in everything you do. And, all unknowingly, you create the very circumstances
which will limit the harvest of your endeavours.

6.86 The moment that you realise from whence you have truly come,
Seek the Power
	on which you may draw to accomplish every single thing in your life,
		and take urgent steps to clear out the weeds,
			thus purifying the soil of your consciousness,
				you will draw on the POWER 
	which will imbue and prosper your daily experiences and activities.
6.86.1 You could say the POWER is your fertiliser
but this would be completely inaccurate and false. Fertiliser is inanimate chemical food for the plant – whereas
the POWER on which you can draw through daily meditation,
is the LIFE which will invigorate your entire being, your life
and even your plants, and the bricks of your houses and your equipment
far beyond your present belief.
6.86.2 People who have given their entire willpower to living this Truth,
see the undeniable fruitage in their lives
and the seeing increases their faith and determination.
6.86.3 Thus do they enter a circle of blessedness.
6.86.4 They marvel that other people can resist this truth
and choose to remain outside the spiritual and earthly harmony
in which it is possible to live.
6.87 If you are prepared to listen and ponder and meditate on the following pages,
you will begin to understand what has been hidden
from the beginning of creation.
6.88.1 Whilst doing all of the very necessary work of mental/emotional cleansing,
use my words in the foregoing pages, describing THAT WHICH
to build up
an awareness and contact with ITS powerful DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.