CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 216
6.80.5 If you continue in your present level
of human functioning and thought,
you will only experience your present level of human existence. You will be bound down to working hard for a paltry living,
beset by numerous problems, such as poverty and ill-health, addictions,
immobilised by prostrating fear,
and exposed to illintentioned attacks of all kinds. You will be burdened by present conditions
until you understand how to change them. This is your golden opportunity
to take control of your lives as never before, by getting control of
your thoughts and emotions – your electrical and magnetic impulses
the blue-prints of your future experiences.

6.81 For – you are like potters possessing clay
and daily shaping pots and utensils for your use.
6.81.1 CONSCIOUSNESS is the clay – the substance with which
you make your lives – and every condition pertaining to it.

6.81.2 You, alone, shape your lives into the forms you experience.
6.81.3 By your thoughts, you can change your personal future,
if you will but heed my words, understand your true origins,
believe in them and use this knowledge in your daily routine.
6.81.4 You can affect your environment, your homes, families, work,
the people you associate with, and even plants, animals, and climate.
6.82 Whatever you hold steadfastly in mind externalises.
Therefore, it is crucial to your spiritual and your personal human development
to fully understand all I am trying to teach you.

6.83 Do not think that these Letters presented to you are too difficult to understand and then move on to some more easy way of finding happiness.
6.83.1 Believe me – there is no TRUE and more easy way for you to find the
equilibrium and happiness you seek – because my words describe
you are presently building or destroying your lives.
6.83.2 At the same time – rest assured that you will never be able to create
new conditions for yourself until you discover WHY and HOW
you have been creating destructive and negative conditions in the past.