CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 6 rosepage 215
6.76 Science can only approach creation as a spectator.
Although its ambassadors are human and experience life for themselves,
the human mind can only observe what has been created.
It cannot enter into the intimate processes of creation
hidden within matter and the most basic fields of energy.
6.77 Science will never be able to pinpoint the MOTIVATING FACTOR X
which gives rise to the energies which are
in control of the creation of individual form.

6.78 But what science has to say on the matter of creation
is of little moment to you as an individual.
Science will not change your life-style, health, environment,
personal feelings and achievements one iota.
6.79 What you need to know – and what I have come expressly to tell you –
is how to escape the selfish possessive-protective drive given you
by the EGO to ensure your individuality and survival and your inbuilt longing
to return to the joy and happiness out of which all creation took LIFE.

6.79.1 This provides you with the reason why I originally came to earth
and am coming to you at this present time
– to do something that no scientist can ever do for you –
help your soul emerge from the confines of your ego-drive
and embark on a new programme
thought-emotional-living which will directly express
the Father-Mother_Consciousness Life injected into you
and all humanity at the moment of conception.
6.80 Because the ego itself possesses the electric momentum of Activity-Creativity and the emotional magnetic impulses of Bonding~Rejection,
whatever is born of the ego-drive by its thoughts, feelings and actions,
is charged with physical electro-magnetic life which will produce replica
life forms and will be eventually materialised within the life of the ego-creator.
6.80.1 These created forms not only manifest eventually as experiences
but also disturb the functioning of the physical processes of their creator
and are the origin of physical discomforts or viruses or disease.
6.80.2 Therefore, is it a great cause for rejoicing when the soul emerges
from its encapsulating human consciousness of the ego,
for the ascending spiritual consciousness will create
the harmonious life-giving conditions it holds in consciousness.
6.80.3 Conversely, it is a cause for sorrow whilst the human consciousness
is submerged in ego control, producing upsets, trials and tribulations
both in life experiences and the physical condition itself.