CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 214
6.72.2 Therefore, far from being solid and imponderable matter,
– in reality – the visible world is:

Mind/activity working always in conjunction with
emotional/magnetic Bonding ~ Repulsion.

Also known as Attraction ~ Rejection.
6.73Father_Intelligence: phisical electricity
Mother_Love : phisical magnetic = Attraction ~ Rejection
together produced a child – the EGO.
was born and took undeviating and consistent form within
the energies of creation to ensure that the various electrical forces
expressed as protons and electrons and the rest of the particle gang
excitedly discovered by science,
should not fly off uninterruptedly into a distant formless state
but should be restrained and controlled by the
magnetic bonding~rejection IMPULSE of Mother_Love
to bring about manifested form.
6.74 Science may dispute the foregoing paragraphs, since it has been
at great pains to describe the various bonding processes
by applying differing word-terms to the bonding energies.
6.75 Science is welcome to call the bonding or attraction energies
by any term they wish, but the fact remains that these energies
have taken on form from the grand and primal IMPULSE of MOTHER_LOVE,
is to give form to individuality.
6.75.1 The IMPULSE of Father_Intelligent Life gives
electrical momentum to creation.
6.75.2 The IMPULSE of Mother_Loving Purposefulness gives
the bonding to restrain the electrical momentum
and bring it under control within the individuality.
6.75.3 The IMPULSE of Mother_Loving Purposefulness gives
the repulsion-rejection impulse to ensure the survival of the individuality.
6.75.4 That – is the process of creation.