CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 212
6.65.2 More friends, more house, car, clothes, etc.
Each time the more has been achieved, there is a little glow of satisfaction,
perhaps a showing off to the neighbours to heighten the happiness,
(gaining one up on them, and another little glow), and then the novelty
dies away, the new possession becomes mundane, the senses are again at rest
– in equilibrium – mental tiredness sets in, routine becomes dull and boring.
6.65.3 To generate some life, the ego finds another goal to be achieved
to provide excitement and pleasure.
6.65.4 Thus, life is an endless chase for personal satisfaction of various kinds
leaving the hidden soul, starved, unsatisfied, still longing for something More

6.66but what is it my deepest self is craving?” You ask in desperation.

6.66.1 When a person reaches an understanding of the true source of emptiness
and continual inner craving for ‘more of what made me feel good before’,
and begins to meditate to make contact with
a little of the Divine Equilibrium filters through the human consciousness.
The emptiness begins to recede.
6.66.2 If indeed such a person catches a true glimpse of the ETERNAL
and the true goal in life, the longing for more possessions
will eventually die a natural death. The desire for More possessions will be gradually replaced
with a sincere appreciation of what you already have
and a sense of consistent contentment.
6.67 Through experiences of the miraculous interventions or
activity of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS within the daily life,
the human consciousness is greatly uplifted and learns that its daily needs
are met in the very best way. Faith is increased and joy enhanced.
6.67.1 This is why I have said to you: I have not come to teach you positive thinking to draw into your orbit the things you want and need. I have come
to you expressly to lead you back into the Kingdom of Heaven.
6.68 However, it is not only in the matter of desiring more possessions for yourself
that your soul is bound down within its secret dwelling place.
6.68.1 The ego also uses the magnetic emotional drive to repel – reject
to ensure your individuality, privacy, and safety.
6.68.2 This impulse takes on numerous forms designed to give you
a feeling of superiority, or elitism, or protecting you from people
whom you consider to be undesirable,
or having less social status than yourself.
6.68.3 This ego drive is practised continually and was thought to be
perfectly acceptable even by the churches.
6.69 The truth is: when the soul begins to gain a little control
over the ego drive, it will chide the human personality
for its selfishness and exclusivity.