CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 21



have come expressly to tell you the truth
about the origins of the ‘human personality’

1.31.1 I will explain exactly why and how mankind has been given
a natural inbuilt propensity for self-will
and a controlling desire for self-gratification and self-defense.
1.31.2 This is not sin – but part of the natural creative processes.
1.31.3 There is no punishment from on high!
1.31.4 Men, through the willful and harmful exercise of their
‘Ego-Power’, draw to themselves their own punishment.
For this reason, just as scientific school text-books
become redundant as the human mind discovers
and absorbs more advanced scientific knowledge,
so should the present form of ‘Christianity’,
built upon spurious doctrines centred around my crucifixion,
be allowed to die a natural death.
Your present global crisis, introducing a new break down
of International Law and laying the foundation for future
global terrorism, clearly indicates that no religion in the world
possesses the requisite knowledge and effective leadership
to initiate changes in human mental patterns
– which will lead directly to peace and prosperity.
1.34 THE TRUE SPIRITUAL LEADER will be able to show their congregations
how and why modern mindsets have created the calamities and horrors
which have been created in consciousness and are only just beginning
to make themselves fully felt in your midst as diverse forms of pestilence
and earthquakes, floods, famines, wars, revolution and other tragedies.
1.35 Be assured!
No evil which comes to your earth is a natural disaster.
1.35.1 Everything inimical to your perfect welfare is bred
first in your human consciousness
and then given form within your global experience.