CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 209 For you to gain a glimpse of the grandeur of the mountain,
I would have to go into a detailed description of its every nook and cranny. Even after the most detailed verbal explanations, you would still have
only imagined mental pictures to draw on. You would still not KNOW the mountain.
6.54.2 If I speak of a hurricane, I can bring to your mind
– trees bowing to the ground, bent by the tremendous winds,
walls crumbling, rafters broken, bricks and roofs flying,
windows shattered, cars overturned, great trees uprooted,
but you will never know the force and the noise of that wind,
the crash of falling masonry, or the terror it generates in people’s hearts
who have to endure it, until you have experienced it for yourself.

6.54.3 And so is it when I try to describe for you,

6.54.4 You can only guess, not KNOW.
6.55 It will only be after you have experienced all I have spoken about
– for yourself – that you will begin to gain some idea
of what I am trying to tell you.
6.55.1 Therefore, let no one who reads my Letters
dispute with another or deny the truth of what I am teaching you
– or refute my words – for I tell you truly that
you cannot fully know what you have not experienced.
6.56 It is only those who will follow me in acceptance
and faith into daily meditation, the cleansing of consciousness,
and impassioned prayer for enlightenment, who will eventually gain
ever deepening glimpses – then experiences –
of what creation itself may access – Divine Consciousness.
6.57 You may ask what is the difference between Universal Consciousness
and Divine Consciousness?
which none may enter or access, since IT rests in a state of
equilibrium and self-contained energy.
6.59 DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS is the re-union of the original IMPULSES
within UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which were released to become both
the activity and the
substance of creation at the moment of the BIG BANG.
6.59.1 These IMPULSES were explosively divided
and then came together in a state of mutual restraint.
6.59.2 They were also destined to work forever in the created realm
either separately, manifested as energies,
or together restrained in equilibrium.