CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 208
6.51 Remember that every activity of the mind
– the mental thought and the emotional reactions of attraction and repulsion
are all consciousness energies of creativity.
6.51.1 These consciousness energies not only create the unpleasant
rebound forms, but they develop the direction of the character
and even affect relationships generally and the environment …
and they reduce the life vitality of the body, leading directly to a sense
of physical malaise, viral infection or long term disease.
6.51.2 The higher way, when under attack of any kind
– a way having only constructive repercussions –
is to remember you can instantly call upon DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
from which you will draw instant protection in any eventuality.
6.51.3 But this is only possible if you can move beyond
the magnetic ego drive of resistance in the perfect assurance
that DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS meets your every need.
6.51.4 Now return your left hand to its original position with the right hand.
6.51.5 Realise that throughout this exercise,
the SPACE between your hands
has remained the SPACE.
It has not been involved in any of the activity of the hands.
6.51.6 And so is it with your SOUL when your ego is busily at work,
second by second, always and forever on the alert
to fulfill your needs and defend you from any unpleasantness.
6.51.7 The DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS of your SOUL remains hidden
although It is always within you.
6.52 When I was on earth, I spoke to the people about the Kingdom of Heaven.
6.52.1 I said it was within you. So it is. It is your soul.
6.52.2 It is the haven of equilibrium of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
which gave you being as a future man or woman.
6.53 I greatly long to be able to put into your minds a broad view
of your SOURCE of BEING to enable you to perceive a little more clearly
your beginnings – from whence you have come.
6.54 You must also understand at all times that when I speak a word
I am, myself, standing in the very highest, infinitesimal
frequencies of vibration on the very edge of the
all things have drawn their being and taken on their form.
6.54.1 If I speak of a mountain, a picture will come to your mind,
but you will not know the immensity of its structure,
the endurance of its rock, its ravines and peaks and caverns,
the snow which caps it in all seasons,
the waterfalls cascading into pools when its glaciers melt.