CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 207
6.49.1 Give time to this exercise and fully realise your right hand
represents the magnetic pull, the bonding, the attraction,
the gravity evident in all of nature.
6.49.2 It is the source of all wanting and desiring.
6.49.3 It is the magnetic impulse which is always directed at getting
what is necessary or greatly desired and pleasurable in life.
6.49.4 This magnetic impulse is spiritually intended to be directed
towards constructive purposes. Gaining, holding, building, achieving.
6.49.5 Were there no other people or living things in the world,
the magnetic impulse could have full sway in a personality and no harm done.
6.49.6 It is only when other people or living creatures
or other people’s persons and possessions have to be taken into account,
that the uncontrolled magnetic impulse to attract, draw, bond, hold, possess
becomes a sickness of the personality,
if it is not equally balanced
with the needs of all other living things.
6.49.7 Return your hand to its original place – cupped with the left hand.
6.50 Now pull back your left hand and visualise that this hand
represents the magnetic impulse to repel, push away, slap,
or defend yourself from any unauthorised encroachment on your property
or possessions or any attack on your character, family, or work.
6.50.1 This left hand represents the magnetic impulse of rejection
which is spiritually intended to ensure your privacy and save your life.
6.50.2 It is a legitimate weapon when your physical or emotional survival
is at stake – always providing you remember that your every action is
an electro-magnetic/activity-binding/repulsion blue-print in consciousness
which rebounds and externalises eventually
in the form of a similar attack on the self.
6.50.3 The unpleasantness may be criticism from your parent, teacher, employer,
and the words of self-defence which spring to mind and jump
out of your mouth are ego-words wholly given to self-defence,
expressing the magnetic drive of repulsion and rejection.
6.50.4 And as your ego words of attack flare up into angry speech,
so is the ego of your critic similarly threatened and it also
rises up in him/her as words of self-defence against you.
6.50.5 What may have started out as a necessary and adult action
of pointing out some error and a better way to do, is frequently
immediately seen by a self-centred sensitive ego, as a personal attack.
6.50.6 What should have been a moment of growth,
develops into a time of conflict, anger, possibly tears,
ongoing resentment and mutual hostility.