CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 206
6.45 The child should be taught the benefits of laughter
which I will describe and explain in a later Letter.
6.45.1 Therefore, skilled and insightful teaching is absolutely necessary
to steer the child into an appreciation of the rights of other people
EQUAL WITH THEIR OWN RIGHTS. is the spiritual law which should dominate
the home and the classroom. other law by which to judge circumstances
is faulty and lacking in balance.
6.45.2 The best teaching will rely – not on the will of the teacher
– the because I say so attitude – but on a systematic reference
in every circumstance to brotherly love and the equal rights of others.
6.45.3 At the same time, a child should not be indoctrinated in self-sacrifice
since this type of caring must be willing and born only
of the individual’s spiritual perceptions and goals.
6.46 Self-sacrifice is born of spiritual enlightenment, of a higher road to follow,
of denial of the little self to remove the ego barriers obstructing
attunement with the universality of Divine Consciousness.
6.46.1 True enlightened Self-sacrifice brings a spiritual consciousness
to the heights of joy. There is no sense of loss in any form.
6.47 To better describe the reality of the soul and the ego,
I want you to cup your hands together, finger tips touching finger tips
and wrists together, leaving a space between your cupped hands.
6.47.1 Your hands represent the human consciousness shell of a person
– the ego.
6.47.2 The SPACE correctly represents the SOUL born of the
Father-Mother_Conscious Life at the moment of your conception.
6.47.3 Whilst to human senses it appears to be nothingness, it is, in fact,
out of which all created things have taken form.
6.47.4 Your hands with the space between represent the ‘I’.
6.48 Your right and left hands represent two potent forces
of the magnetic ego-drive.
They represent forces of bonding~rejection, but at the same time,
quite rightly, they are the physical representation
of the physical energies known to science
as magnetism – ‘Bonding and Repulsion’.
6.49 Bend back your right hand from the other one
and visualise that you use this right hand
to get what you want out of life.
It represents, also, what your human consciousness perceives as
the grasping attitude to life.