CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 205
6.40.2 If he wants something – he WANTS something right away
and wonders why he shouldn’t have it.
There is nothing more in his mind than this.
6.40.3 He sees something he likes – he wants it.
6.41 It is cruel to tell a child roughly, “No, you can’t have it”,
his entire system is insulted and assaulted.
6.41.1 From earliest babyhood, the training process must be initiated by logic
and reassurance – affirming his right to feel secure within his environment.

6.41.2 His sense of security should be developed
by explaining the right way to express his wishes.
LOVE – not irritation or anger, must choose the words
which tell the child why he cannot have what he wants.

6.41.3 The child will hear the message when given in love.

6.41.4 When delivered in anger, it arouses his deepest ego-drives
and begins to take form as resentment – overt or hidden
or a sense of deep seated frustration which taints the ego,
reducing the child’s natural sense of inner validity.
6.41.5 A child needs to possess this sense of personal validity
and should not be subdued or destroyed.
6.41.6 It requires parents or teachers to point out, very clearly,
that other people in the world also have their needs,
their rights to their possessions, their desire for peace and pleasure.
6.42 No one, not even a child – or adult – has the right to upset another person
in order to obtain their own satisfaction!

6.43 If another youngster hits the child and makes him cry,
it is only natural for the ego-drive to want to fight back
– he is programmed to defend himself against the other child.
6.43.1 It calls for parents and teachers to point out that a ‘pay-back’,
revenge in conflict, only escalates, bringing more pain to each child,
and for this reason, ‘pay back’ is entirely pointless.
6.43.2 Better to LAUGH and turn away.
And rather than allow the irritation and hurt in the mind to continue,
better still to take the problem to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS in prayer
and ask for the hurt to be removed from his consciousness,
and seek a means of reconciliation.

6.44 A child should also be taught to take time to understand that he
and the other child are equally children born of the Divine Moment.
6.44.1 When a child is spiritually receptive and can make this procedure
of recognising his spiritual kinship with other children and all living things,
and the rights of others equal with his own, into a habit,
he will have been given the greatest spiritual gift possible.
6.44.2 In such a way, is the ego-drive weakened by the practical
daily application of inspirational love, whilst the central ‘I’ness
of the child remains strong and self-confident.