CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 204
6.35 In childhood, the ‘I’ of the ego is governed by likes and dislikes,
wants and rejection of what is not wanted and by habits formed
by a constant repetition of feelings.
6.35.1 Bad habits in the form of unacceptable ego responses
to personal experiences and the environment are formed
and these are, in turn, imprinted in the unconscious
– or sub-conscious mind – and remain hidden.
6.35.2 However, they erupt into repeated behaviour patterns
when the memory of previous circumstances and modes of behaviour
unconsciously bring them to mind.
6.35.3 Now, the sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind
begin to work together to develop the personality.
6.35.4 Much of the behaviour becomes conditioned behaviour
and very difficult to break.
6.35.5 When the person is unconsciously programmed
with strong self-centred ego habits of thought and behaviour
– and finds it difficult to live with others in harmony –
that person then goes to a psychologist for help
in unravelling the complexities of the mental/emotional problems.
6.36 Until my Truth of Existence is fully understood
and the life-giving principles become the consistent guide lines
of habits of thought and responses to life’s experiences,
the pain and suffering arising from the ignorant
indulgence of the ego-drives will persist.
6.37 The church describes this human difficulty as being
a ‘temptation by Satan’. It is no such thing.
It is a natural process brought about by the uncontrolled reactions to life
powered by the Ego-Drive, whose only purpose is to bring
the individual happiness and contentment, fulfilment of need
– or – privacy, independence, security, peace .....
all directed at SURVIVAL.
6.38 It must be understood that there is nothing evil about the ego-drive.
It is the necessary tool of creation.
6.39 It is the individual himself who brings about the imbalances in life
by allowing the ego drive full control in his personality
without thought or consideration for other people. This, too,
is not to be judged or criticised, since the person possessed by ego-drive
knows no other way to think or operate within the earthly dimension.
6.40 The child knows nothing about self-control other than
that taught by parents and school teachers.