CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 203
6.25 When you cried you were given nourishment by mother
which was deeply satisfying – both physically and emotionally.
6.25.1 When your needs were fully met, you could slip back
into a state of equilibrium within sleep.
6.26 When you woke from your equilibrium, you felt a sense of insecurity
(the equilibrium now divided into mental and emotional awareness),
you remembered that mother and milk created a fulfilment
of needy insecurity, and so again, you cried.
Your needs were fulfilled.
6.26.1So did your ego-drive develop
6.27 Sometimes, you cried and it was humanly decreed that
it was not yet feeding time and you were left to cry for a while.
6.27.1 This built up an awareness that needs were not always
satisfied immediately and you would have to adapt.
6.27.2 You either chose anger and cried more vigorously
– or lapsed into acceptance.

6.28 Your choice of reaction depended on the characteristics
of ego-drive imprinted in your consciousness at birth.

6.28.1 Neither forms of ego-drive were to be condemned or judged.
6.28.2 They were the natural result of the Creative Factor of Ego
which ensures INDIVIDUALITY.
6.29 As I have explained in my last Letter, EGO is the:
6.29.1 If you did not have this inbuilt impulse
to cry for what you want to make you happy
or reject what makes you sad,
you would be in a limbo of nothingness.
6.30 If you did not run when faced with danger
or did not call for help when in danger – you might die.
6.30.1 If you had not cried – demanded food – when you were born,
you might have starved.
6.31 If you had not welcomed mother’s milk and nuzzled her warmly,
you might never have developed a close caring bond with her.
6.32 Without the EGO DRIVE there would be no creation,
no individuality, no fulfilment of need, no protection,
no warmth of response and no human love.
6.33 Without the EGO DRIVE there would be no self-defence,
no self-protection, no survival.