CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 202
6.16 Both personality and body are the product of these human
impulses of Activity-Bonding~Repulsion.
6.16.1 Whilst UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS remains forever
within equilibrium in the space, and therefore, undetectable
– in that self-same space, in frequencies of vibration,
6.16.2 the primal impulses of Activity-Bonding~Rejection
work together in the visible dimension
appearing to your senses in the form of electro-magnetism.
6.17 Both UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and your soul remain undisturbed
within the silence and stillness of equilibrium in space.
6.18 The earthly consciousness creativity takes place within space and time
and varying frequencies of vibration of materialised consciousness. section sectorial
6.19 Therefore, you take on living form
and continue to exist within two dimensions.
6.19.1 One dimension is Unseen, the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
– and the other visible dimension is all that the living human being
can sense or comprehend until spiritual development lifts its human
consciousness frequencies of vibration to the spiritual plane and
a glimmer of understanding enters its earthly consciousness.
6.20 As this process of gradual enlightenment proceeds,
the uplifted human consciousness then works consciously
both within the Unseen and the visible dimension. section sectorial
6.21 The higher the frequencies of vibration of individualised consciousness,
the higher and more perfect are the forms created in the mind
– the lower the frequencies of vibration, the more divorced
from Universal Perfection of Love are the forms created
in the individualised mind wholly possessed by the ego-drive. section sectorial
6.22 The EGO takes over control of your developing foetus from the time
of the union of the semen and ovum
. The new little being became an ‘I’
immediately feeling satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the womb depending
on its sense of comfort or discomfort and what was happening to mother.
6.23 When you were born, your instincts of survival imprinted with the deep
primeval knowledge of created beingness buried in each living cell
of your body, prompted you to breathe, and become aware
of an emotional emptiness and deprivation at your separation
from the comfort of the confining womb, which was then felt
as a physical emptiness and need for physical nourishment.