CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 201
6.9 Father_Consciousness provided the energy of activity and momentum,
and Mother_Consciousness provided the bonding
to give form and substance to the electrical particles.
6.9.1 These are PRIMAL IMPULSES which give life
and form to man and woman.
6.10 I want you to understand that creation is not
a creation of matter imbued with consciousness.

6.11 Creation is the visible form of PRIMAL IMPULSES
drawn and bonded into individual shapes and entities
all expressing differing facets and combinations of the PRIMAL IMPULSES
in a myriad of ways.
6.11.1 Therefore, the PRIMAL IMPULSES are the Reality, which your eyes, ears,
smell, touch, tell you are solid matter, but are really
CONSCIOUSNESS IMPULSES individualised in order to be experienced,
intellectually understood and appreciated emotionally.
6.12 At the time of conception when semen unites with ovum
and a mating takes place, male consciousness chromosomes
bond with female consciousness chromosomes.
6.12.1 This is a physical union of your father’s own consciousness of semen
and mother’s own consciousness of ovum powered by the Divine.
6.12.2 Thus, do the male and female consciousness chromosomes
carry the imprint of genetic DNA from both parents.
6.13 The moment of physical union of semen and ovum
is conducted on two levels of creativity.
6.14 The injection of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS became your SOUL
embodied within the human consciousness union of semen and ovum.
6.14.1 Physicality was created, powered by Father-Mother_Life Consciousness which controlled the activity and bonding of conscious cells,
producing the gradual growth and development of your physical body
– which is really consciousness made visible on every level of your being
– and nothing else.
6.14.2 Your soul remained as an inviolate ‘flame’ (metaphor)
of Father-Mother_LIFE deeply enmeshed within the physical drives of:
These became your earthly individuality and personality.