CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 200
6.6 As I contemplate your world, I see a dimension presently controlled
in your vast soulless cities, arises out of Ego Force.
6.6.1 It is the source of every wicked, lying, perverted activity
presently in operation on your planet.
6.6.2 It controls the media, your TV, your families, nations.
6.6.3 It is productive of wars all over your globe.
6.6.4 It creates a foul miasma of low consciousness energies
perceivable by Higher Spiritual Entities – but too horrible to contemplate.

6.6.5 If your present consciousness is permeated with love of possessions
and an inability to share with others,
devising ways and means to become rich at the expense of others,
stealing, failing to perform your work conscientiously
or give good value for money, snapping, snarling,
indulging in criticism, sarcasm, judgementalism, rejection,
denigration, enmity, intolerance, hatred, jealousy,
aggression, violent impulses, thieving, falsehoods,
double and devious dealings, slander
– you are ego-driven.
6.6.6 Your ego is in control and you will find it difficult to move
through the miasma of ego-consciousness to be able to see Reality.
6.6.7 For this reason, I have come through the medium of these Letters
to help you understand exactly what is binding you down in your
present conditions, the horror of which was unimaginable
by the human mind a century ago.
6.6.8 I am now about to explain more fully the
6.7 AT THE TIME OF YOUR CONCEPTION, during intercourse,
as your father’s consciousness rose, via his spine, ever higher
to the top of his head, and tension mounted towards its climax,
your father’s consciousness briefly touched DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS
creating a flash point, a small explosion, which he experienced as orgasm,
and thereafter an injection of
was infused in his semen
to give life to the mother’s ovum.
6.8 The moment of union with woman and explosion of tension
in a man at the time of orgasm, reenacts the time of the Big Bang,
when the UNITY of Father-Mother-Consciousness
exploded into separate energies
and the first electrical particles and random matter took form.