CHRIST Returns
The Process of Creation
Letter 6 rosepage 199

Letter 6

6.1 These Letters present know­ledge which peo­ple down the ages have longed to know but have not re­ceived since their world­ly sci­en­tif­ic know­ledge was not suf­fi­cient to en­a­ble them to un­der­stand. So was it when I was in Pal­es­tine in the per­son of ‘Je­sus’, a­gain and a­gain I ex­plained the TRUTH OF U­NI­VER­SAL EX­IST­ENCE in var­i­ous ways,
but no one understood.
6.2 As most of you must realise:
I have NOT come to you at this time to bring you a new religion,
a better moral code, or a new God to worship.
6.2.1 Nor, like your metaphysicians, do I preach positive thinking.
6.3 Your humanly conceived positive thinking,
magnetising to yourselves your human needs and desires,
and the means to fulfill your ambitions,
only strengthens your ego-drive.

6.4 All things blest and bountiful will be manifested in you
and your life as and when you realise that:
the entire universe is transcendent UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS
made visible when IT takes on material form through the activity of the ego.

6.5 Your true purpose in your spiritual journey,
is to break free of the bondage of the ego
and make ever more pure contact with DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
6.5.1 It is your eventual destiny to recognize ITS omnipresence
both within yourself and throughout your daily activities.
6.5.2 Your highest spiritual goal is to come to that spiritually exalted moment
when you finally realise that your human mind and its desires are only finite
– and therefore, can never bring you the happiness and fulfilment
you will experience when you lay down your selfhood
and come to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS asking ONLY for the Higher Way,
more Abundant Life, and the true spiritual PURPOSE
which you alone can accomplish in your earthly state.