CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5
rosepage 198
5.199 The war was waged between the
and the DIVINE REALITY, which had made ITSELF known to me as
transcendent, yet within me and which would gradually
take over my individuality to an ever greater extent
if I continually meditated
and cleared my consciousness of selfish impulses.

5.199.1 The foregoing is a description of the powerful knowledge
I returned to Nazareth with.

5.199.2 Therefore, my physically healing time
spent with my mother whilst she nursed me back to health
was also a time of prayer and meditation,
from which I drew the inspiration and strength to consciously
and conscientiously live the NATURE of the DIVINE or UNIVERSAL REALITY.
5.200 As you know, the NATURE of the DIVINE or UNIVERSAL REALITY is LIFE
5.200.1 When IT is active within creation – or we can also say – within the
individuality of creation, IT grows, nourishes, provides nutrition, regenerates,
heals, protects, ensures survival, fulfills the needs of everything created
– all within a system of perfect harmony, co-operation and law and order.
5.200.2 This is the nature of LIFE.
All its work in creation is done in accordance with UNIVERSAL NATURE
– the promotion of the highest good of all living things.

5.201 If you can understand these words, you will realise why
I returned from the desert – a man filled with joy,
with a new awareness of the beauty of the world,
a feeling of absolute confidence, and KNOWING it was possible
to control the appearance of matter.
5.201.1 You will feel with me, my own elation that I could now offer the Jews
the glorious news that the Kingdom of Heaven was in their midst.
5.201.2 All they had to do was find it with my assistance,
and their lives would be changed forever.
5.202 I leave you with the same knowledge which, prayerfully used
and fully understood, can change the course of your life.
5.202.1 As you read, your consciousness will be lifted and
as you seek inspiration – it will come to you.