CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 197
5.197 I also saw that:

The Father-Mother_Creative Power – LIFE
continually flowed through all the universe
and was the life in my mind
using the twin impulses of thought and feeling.

5.197.1 Hence any powerful imperfect thinking and feeling
could disturb and change the
CONSCIOUSNESS pattern of created things.
5.197.2 Conversely:
My thinking when fully cleansed of the twin impulses of ego
and fully receptive of the
Father-Mother_Creative Power INTELLIGENCE/LOVE
would re-introduce the condition of
5.197.3 Therefore,
a condition previously made imperfect
as a result of imperfect thought
could be brought back into a condition of wholeness again
by changing ego attitudes and thoughts
5.197.4 My mind was a tool of the whole creative process
originating in the UNIVERSAL.
section sectorial
5.198 Now that I knew this was so – knew it spiritually,
intellectually, emotionally
I realised I could
and must take steps to overcome the TWIN IMPULSES of EGO
previously governing my mind,
in order to allow the DIVINE REALITY full scope
through my mind and brain.
5.198.1 This is why there was a struggle between
my humanly entrenched Ego
and my Father-Mother_Consciousness
during the very strident temptations I experienced
at the end of my enlightenment in the desert.
5.198.2 Satan had nothing to do with the tug-of-war
which took place within my consciousness.