CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 193

5.170.3 Furthermore, there is no impulse prompting any activity
which is not directed by a purpose: Plants turn flowers and leaves

to catch the rays of the sun for growth; people run to get fit;
eat to satisfy hunger; work to earn a salary; sleep to escape the tensions
and recharge the energy; go shopping to buy food
– all directed at survival and personal comfort.
5.170.4 Therefore, the IMPULSES are the REALITY behind and within all creation.
5.171 If all matter were to return to its original form of electrical particles,
the Universal Impulses would remain intact
and would eventually give form to another creation.
The IMPULSES are forever.
5.171.1 However, electrical particles within living matter are here today
and gone tomorrow – but the soul moves on.
5.172 You think with electrical impulses in the brain.
5.172.1 You feel with magnetic impulses in your nervous system.
5.172.2 They center and bond the electrical impulses into a cohesive whole.
5.172.3 Without the magnetic bonding in your system,
you would be all go-go and no know-know.
5.173 Now is the moment to take you back to my desert experiences,
described to you in Letter 1.
5.174 You may remember that when I went to the River Jordan
to be baptised by John, I was a rebel, my face set against the teaching
of the Jews, who stated that Jehovah punished men for their sins.
5.174.1 Intuitively, I felt that this was a false and cruel concept and rejected it.
5.174.2 After I was shown the Truth concerning creation, I could not understand
why Perfect Consciousness did not create perfect beings
made in the image of their Creator Intelligent Love.

5.175 I asked the Creator Universal Consciousness why mankind
endured so much suffering and evil. I was then shown very clearly
that all the problems experienced by humans
arose from the central point of the self,
(science now calls this the ego).

5.176 It manifested itself in the personality as a DRIVING NEED
to defend the self from criticism or emotional/ physical attack
and a similar DRIVING NEED to push aside other people,
in order to arrive first in the race of life.
5.177 It also manifested itself in the personality as a DRIVING NEED
to take all that was best for the self,
despite the opposition of others
and a similar DRIVING NEED to hold on to personal possessions,
be they relatives, friends, material goods or achievements,
despite any opposition.