CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 192
5.164 Briefly, the nature of the Father is to be active, creative,
and perform the work of creativity.
It is also the ‘I’ness of individualised existence.
5.165 Everything living from a hornet to a hippopotamus
has a strong sense of ‘I’ness and the need to protect that ‘I’ness‘.
5.166 The nature of the Mother is to give form to the electrical
consciousness plan initiated by Father_Intelligence,
by bonding the electrical particles together.
5.167 Father and Mother consciousness – PRIMARY IMPULSES are both
within the equilibrium, and of the NATURE of the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION
and consequently as they create individual form, they carry out
the work of the NATURE
of the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION, which is:
Growth – Providing Nutrition – Nourishment
– Healing – Protection – Fulfilment of Need
within a consistent system of Law & Order … SURVIVAL.
5.168 Father and Mother Consciousness energies are IMPULSES
both restrained within the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION
and when they have been released from equilibrium,
they powerfully perform the work of creation.
5.169 Furthermore, consider the magnitude of their work
within creation throughout the world.
The Father/Mother impulses prompt every level of creation
from the formation of elements,
the living molecule and cell – to the magnificent Mammoth.
5.169.1 They also work instinctually within parents to prompt them to unify,
to conceive, bear and rear their young.
5.169.2 Some fathers absent themselves after the birth of their progeny
be they: eggs, puppies or humans.
These are the fathers whose sense of ‘I’ness
is greater than their inborn fathering instincts.
5.170 It is at this point that you must become fully aware
of the meaning of IMPULSE.
5.170.1 You may think that this seems a very nebulous form of creativity,
but if you reflect for a while, you may eventually realise that
no human or animal or insect or even plant,
undertakes any activity within the material dimension
without an inner consciousness coercion
– which is an impulse. It may be to turn to face the sun, to run, to eat, to work, to sleep,
to go shopping, to have a baby.
5.170.2 Always – the impulse precedes the activity – even the flick of an eyelid.