CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 191
5.158.2 They took to each other as one might say
of the evolved male and female in living species – and bonded.
5.158.3 The Mother_Purpose of repulsion was also activated
when two positive or two negative electrical charges looked likely
to meet and react negatively – she stepped in and pushed them apart –
just like her evolved female mother counterpart would separate
two unruly highly-charged ruffians about to engage in a fight.
5.158.4 This was the only form of consciousness awareness
within the chaos for a very long time – since time is of no consequence
within the realm of matter itself.
Time only becomes of importance when there occurs an impinging
of conscious awareness between electrical charges
resulting in bonding or repulsion, a progression of adjacencies
and events taking place and purposes to be fulfilled.

Otherwise, time is meaningless.
5.159 Creation is the product of PRIMARY IMPULSES working individually
and together – making impressions upon the other, fulfilling inbuilt needs
imprinted within consciousness – these needs being, at the outset
to increase and experience self-expression leading to further separation
then – to restore a sense of inner security and comfort –
to be re-united within the harmony of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.
5.160 Out of this driving force for a re-united harmony of being,
came the male-female drive for re-union to recapture the bliss
which is buried in the soul consciousness.
5.161 You could make an analogy of the foregoing paragraph with the habit
of fathers going out to work in the morning and returning, hopefully,
to the comfort and re-union with family in the evening where he regains
the strength to venture forth the next morning to do battle with the world.
5.162 Therefore the process of creation
took billions of years within time to accomplish.
5.163 After the Big Bang, the Father_Mother Creative Process
was divided into two different energies,
continually working apart and together,
independent yet mutually constrained to work together
having individual characteristics or natures – and different functions.
5.163.1 Therefore, their work load was/is different yet indivisible.