CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 190
5.152 After your explosion – can you imagine the ensuing
mental/emotional chaos, the inability to think straight,
the thoughts which would come, one after another,
demanding expression – none of them sensible or logical?
5.153 Try to realise that YOU – individualised form –
are the microcosm of the macrocosm.

5.154 You are a pinhead expressing
either in equilibrium when you meditate in stillness of thought
– or as active consciousness, when you think and feel, plan and create.

5.154.1 Therefore, if you can relate your tiny consciousness explosion
to the explosion of the heavens, you will gain some small idea
of the ensuing chaos both – momentarily – within the
UNIVERSAL DIMENSION – and in aeons of time within the newly created
expanse of the dimension of matter still in its formless state.

5.154.2 Therefore, many of you will have to wholly re-arrange your thinking
in regard to creation. It started out as a condition of utter chaos.
5.155 The UNIVERSAL IMPULSES were divided.
5.156 There were no blue-prints to direct or control the beginning of individuality.
5.156.1 The IMPULSES were still without any conscious form or direction.
5.156.2 They were NATURAL IMPULSES to perform certain distinct
impulsive functions in CONSCIOUSNESS but they were not
intelligently directed into specific movement or bonding
by any higher Directing Force.
5.156.3 They were on their own.
5.156.4 Separated and lost IMPULSES of CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS
able to receive impressions – but – there were no impressions to receive
other than those of interior chaos of movement-activity
of electricity and bonding~repulsion of magnetism.
5.157 And this CONSCIOUSNESS CHAOS was manifested within creation
as chaos of particles.

5.157.1 Within this expanse of chaos of electrical particles, however,
there was the over-riding awareness of ‘I’ness.
5.157.2 No matter what the chaos, the ‘I’ness came through
in the Father intent to move about, to take control, to create.
5.158 The ‘Iness took initial form
in a positive charge of electrical energy.
5.158.1 It became the dominant ‘I’ force as a proton
with its satellite of negative electric charge;
whereupon ‘Mother’ Purpose of bonding was activated
in those conditions of a positive electrical
charge meeting a negative electrical charge.