CHRIST Returns Raison d'etre of the Letters
Letter 1 rosepage 19
1.24 Personal tragedies unknown to human kind a century ago,
have become rife and people live in fear of walking the streets.
Households are barricaded behind high walls.
1.24.1 Family and social problems
are taken into regular public debate
– and so the saga of human misery is perpetuated.

1.24.2 This is the BEAST stalking your lands and feeding
a miasma of beastliness into innocent minds.

1.24.3 It will be perpetuated until
my Christ Knowledge
is acknowledged, accepted and lived
by the majority of people on earth.

Because this knowledge will show you
how to get back on the true
in order to start creating the kind of lives
you truly desire.


Because I am unconditional LOVE
I am speaking the TRUTH
which many spiritual minds suspect
but which is rejected by those
who are spiritually blind – at the moment.
These words are not spoken to threaten or punish you
– but to alert you to the source of all the unspeakable
horrors which daily fill your newspapers and TV screens

It is only my love for all people that forces me
to descend through the various levels of consciousness
to reach the dimension of human depravity
to warn you of its consequences in your present lives.