CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 189 About to embark on your plans, in a state of excited anticipation,
some trivial circumstance or insensitive person prevents
you from achieving your heart-felt purposes.
How would you feel? Your concentration would be split and you would explode.

5.150 Here again, I must call on my recorder to think up some examples
of my meaning in human terms, for the least earthly consciousness
  • You are at the Airport, excited and ready to fly for an unexpected
    holiday overseas. On reaching your Travel Bureau counter, you discover
    there are no documents or tickets, and no record of any reservations
    for flight or holiday accommodation
    although you have already paid for them by credit card.
    How will you feel?
  • You are dressed in a very expensive outfit, wining and dining important
    customers, and are about to clinch a big contract worth millions.
    The waiter drops a plate of hot casserole on your head.
    How will you feel?
  • You go shopping and come out to the Car park to find the wheels
    and doors of your car have been removed – in broad daylight!
    Sympathetically, you open your purse to give a whining crippled
    beggar all your silver, but the man straightens up, forcefully snatches the purse from you and runs like an athlete.
    How will you feel?
5.151 In all these instances you would have a strong
consciousness enterprise to the very front of your mind.

5.151.1 Your head would be filled with a plan
to move out and do something
to achieve a certain purpose – peacefully.

5.151.2 Your intent would be interlocked with your purpose
– therefore in equilibrium – but note that there would be
mounting tension of anticipation as you neared your goal.
5.151.3 The greater the tension – the greater the explosion.

5.151.4 You would, in fact, be in the same state as

Father INTELLIGENCE in equilibrium within the Mother PURPOSE,
to give being and form to the plan you intend to create.