CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 179
5.96.3 As my explanation deepens, you will eventually understand
how such deviations take place – logically and effectually.
In other words, these deviations occur according to
natural spiritual laws and always serve a necessary purpose.
5.97 Nowhere is there any mindlessness in creation
– even in the ant or gnat – unless the mind of an entity
has been born defective or been damaged.

5.97.1 Therefore it is clear: you live and operate in a physical universe
which displays the highest degree of intelligence and purposeful activity
within the creation of matter itself, in the physical bodies of all
individual entities from plants to human beings. Unfortunately,
is only minimal in the consciousness displayed by the
created entities themselves from plants to human beings.

5.97.2 In other words, the BODIES in which you conduct your lives,
in which you think and feel and do whatever comes to mind,
manifest within their physical organs and working parts
a very much higher order of intelligence and loving purpose
than does your human consciousness.
5.97.3 Human interests are mostly wrapped up
in the problems of personal daily survival,
enjoyment of pleasures, and emotional/physical satisfaction.

5.97.4 To achieve these purposes, the majority of people use only
the commodities manufactured out of matter.
5.98 Even the minds of scientists cannot fully unravel
the hidden secrets of earthly existence
and despite all their scientific expertise
are as bogged down in the changing fortunes
of existence as are those who have no learning at all.
5.98.1 Therefore it is a logical conclusion that
THAT out of which you have drawn your physical being, is one
of IMMENSitY not only of size, but IMMENSITY of WILLPOWER:
the Will to self-expression and creativity.
5.99 Visualize for a moment – the size of the material universe,
the SUN and its heat, the Moon, the earth planet and solar system,
the galaxies of stars, and the fact that all this visible material
is totally interdependent yet also dependent
on the movement of the planetary bodies
and subject to Universal Laws of consistent function and movement.
5.99.1 This vast universe has had its origins within
– and has been drawn out – of the FOUNDATION of your BEING
and the entirety of LIFE FORCE/ENERGY in the universe
has been drawn out of that same FOUNDATION of BEING.