CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 178
5.92.4 Fourthly, I am explaining the Truth of Being for you,
to finally dispel the old concept of GOD sitting aloft somewhere
in heaven where He is said to have created the world
and all that is in it in a relatively short while.

5.92.5 Fifthly, I have come expressly
to help science bridge the gulf between
UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the appearance of electrical particles. Without this bridge between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension
and the Seen world of matter,
science will remain rooted in old ideas and concepts
instead of moving forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific
research for the betterment of mankind.

5.93 I have also come to show you the TRUE NATURE of THAT
5.93.1 For, without this knowledge, which will reveal to you the nature
of your
dual, yet fully inter-related being, Spirit and body,
you will also remain rooted in the same level of consciousness
as you are at this moment.
5.94 I want to make it manifestly clear that:
Nothing ever comes from Nothing.
This is a well known saying amongst you, and a perfectly true one.
5.94.1 However, there is an eternal, infinite, consistent
FOUNDATION of BEINGNESS – and THIS I am going to reveal to you.

5.95 You have not been ‘created’ – you have drawn your ‘being’ from IT.

5.95.1 Obviously, you could not have come from something
entirely foreign to your own consciousness. I am asking my recorder
to choose some mundane understandable examples:
You could not draw a filling for tarts from a vat of treacle
and discover they were mince meat.
You could not squeeze an orange and make ginger beer from the juice.
You could not fill a balloon with air, pop it and find it was dripping jelly.
5.95.2 All the above examples chosen by my recorder are instances of logic.
5.96 I want you to realise that your entire universe
is a manifestation of logic and consistent logical
effects arising out of related causation.
5.96.1 Your universe is CAUSE & EFFECT made visible.
5.96.2 This is an undeviating principle of existence.
5.96.3 If there are instances of deviations such as
paranormal experiences or instantaneous healings,
the average person exclaims in astonishment
and science refuses to believe that such a thing is possible.