CHRIST ReturnsEfforts to describe the immensity
Letter 5 rosepage 177
5.90 Having said all the above and proceeded to dictate the rest of the Letter,
the recorder of my words
, began to question the likely public reception
of this Letter, because it seemed to her too pragmatic to appeal
to people who are accustomed to picturing some magnificent
Power or Being or Utterly Other which has given birth to the universe.
5.90.1 Indeed, I have made numerous efforts to describe
the immensity of the Power out of which all things have come
but as I have said, it is impossible for me to describe in human terms
the REALITY of the SOURCE of your BEING.
5.90.2 Those spiritually evolved souls who have been lightly infused
with Divine Consciousness report the experience to be utterly
beautiful and glorious and entirely unforgettable
– but still not fully describable in human terms.
5.90.3 This mystical experience is possible when the frequencies
of vibration of the mind are already raised
and the entire consciousness is suffused with rays
of Divine Consciousness. It is a condition that involves the feelings
more than the intellect and brain cells.

5.91 In this case, where I have to infuse my recorder’s mind and brain cells
with a description of the REALITY of your SOURCE of BEING,
and she has to interpret in words,
I have to take care not to interfere too forcefully
with the frequencies of vibrations of consciousness
in which my recorder’s brain cells are working.
There have been occasions when it was dangerous to proceed any further
and I have interrupted the working of her computer to break the contact.
5.92 Before you begin to study, meditate and absorb the following pages,
I want to make it clear to all who read these Letters that
my purpose in coming through them is first and foremost to dispel
the myths which have surrounded my human persona and teachings.
5.92.1 It is my intention that religious dogma and doctrines should
eventually die a natural death, world-wide – as complete a death
as the animal sacrifices in the Temple of Solomon.

5.92.2 Secondly, I have also come to help the churches let go
their archaic notions of GODand sin. No true spiritual progress is possible until the dawning
of a clear realisation that each person is
for the way his or her life develops.

5.92.3 Thirdly, I have come to remove from your minds
the pictures of an Almighty GOD of magnificence and grandeur
and unlimited active power,
who rewards the virtuous and punishes the wicked. These beliefs are wholly erroneous – albeit comforting.