CHRIST ReturnsYour earthly comprehension
Letter 5 rosepage 176
5.86.3 There are many who have experienced a little burst of insight,
have briefly felt a touch of
Divine Consciousness and then, hardly
daring to continue to believe in such a transcendent moment of awareness,
have begun to question, doubt and finally dispel
the little inflow of Divine Consciousness.
5.86.3 Beware you do not do this.
5.86.4 Disbelief will set you back, enmesh you in the material
plane of existence more than you will ever know.

5.86.5 Whatever you are given and able to receive
– hold fast to it and do not doubt.
5.87 Doubt destroys steady progress because it creates its own
consciousness forms which will suppress and even eradicate
the insight you had gained previously. Therefore, your choice
of thoughts – belief or disbelief, doubt or faith – construct or destroy
your progress in your search for TRUTH.

5.87.1 Any denial erases from your consciousness the progress which has been
previously made. Furthermore, the higher you ascend in spiritual truth,
the more powerful do your thoughts become.
5.87.2 Therefore, create and hold fast to your own spiritual momentum
and allow no one to intrude and undermine that momentum.
5.87.3 Hold firm to your former perceptions.
5.87.4 In times of doubt, cruise along in positive thoughts, using
enlightening affirmations, clinging to earlier inspirational guidance
when your consciousness frequencies of vibration were higher.
5.87.5 By use of your willpower, choosing affirmations containing
golden nuggets of spiritual Truth, return to this
higher level of consciousness again and again.
5.87.6 Do not, through mental laziness, wholly surrender to the ebb and flow
of spiritual consciousness energies and become a spiritual see-saw.
5.87.7 I cannot emphasize this danger of self-obstruction strongly enough.
Become actively aware of it.
5.88 If you know anything of the accounts of my life in Palestine,
you will recall that I, too, suffered the phenomenon of ebb and flow
of spiritual consciousness and found it necessary to absent myself in the hills
to pray and meditate and renew my spiritual strength.
5.88.1 Therefore, understand your dry periods, but do not give way to them
by yielding passively to an undesirable change in your attitudes
and mental/emotional patterns.
5.88.2 As you conscientiously draw upon your SOURCE of BEING
for new strength and the upliftment of your consciousness frequencies,
so will these negative periods be greatly reduced in strength and duration.
5.89 I repeat, at all times beware how you use your minds!
5.89.1 Let your mental activity always be constructive that it may contribute
to your own spiritual growth rather than its constant hindrance.