CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 175
5.83.3 And having gone back thus far into the origins of existence
– the chemical properties –
you must still question why consciousness
should only become a viable presence within the chemicals
– why not within the elements in which individuality first took shape,
and if in the elements
why should it be denied that consciousness
propels the electrical particles to form the elements?
Is it rational to deny such a possibility?

5.83.4 And having reached such a possibility,
should you not go further
and ask from whence comes electromagnetism?

5.84 What is the reality of electricity more than streaks of fierce light
now described by science as photons and electrons?
5.84.1 And what is the reality of magnetism more than
two-fold energies of bonding and rejection
– energy impulses which have brought
stability and order into chaos?
5.84.2 Ask science: “From whence comes electromagnetism
which is responsible for the most basic steps
in the creation of an ordered and orderly universe
of an unimaginable complexity and diversity?
5.85 I will now attempt to put into your words
THAT WHICH is beyond all words
and presently beyond all individualised earthly comprehension.
5.85.1 Therefore, the intellect, although it assists the brain to understand,
intellectually, the spiritual realities I am putting before you,
it also creates a barrier to true spiritual perception and experience.
5.85.2 For this reason, regard the following references
to the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL DIMENSION as only guidelines
– ideas, shadow consciousness forms of the REALITY
behind and within your universe.

(Take each IDEA – one by one – into meditation).

5.86 What I am about to explain is entirely within and of
CONSCIOUSNESS without parameters and boundaries.
5.86.1 If you are sufficiently spiritually evolved to follow me there,
beyond the words, you will begin to understand spiritually
all I am trying to tell you. The words will guide you towards
– and then unlock new vistas of being for you.


5.86.2 The LIGHT will gradually, perhaps imperceptibly,
penetrate your mind and you will have little bursts of insight.