CHRIST ReturnsThe Process of Creation
Letter 5 rosepage 173
5.77 Furthermore, these DNA molecules give the instructions to the cells,
informing them they shall build according to
the chromosomes deposited by the seed.
5.77.1 Yes, indeed, in place of Intelligence – science has given you
the DNA molecules as your source of existence, your supreme leader,
your director of creation upon which materialistic, flimsy cells,
the whole of creation must depend for its survival.
5.77.2 Behold the glorious DNA – Lord of your creation!
5.77.3 From whence did the DNA cells draw
their intelligent directional powers?
5.77.4 Science is quite satisfied now that it has been able
to satisfactorily explain why the various species of every kind
replicate themselves so accurately and consistently.

5.77.5 Science would have you believe that you live in a purely
mechanistic universe; that the phenomenon of evolution
arises out of chance mutations and the survival of the fittest.

5.77.6 If you study the various organisms of creation, the multifold and
differing activities of related species, can you truly believe in such
an unlikely materialistic concept?
5.78 It has been no mere co-incidence that, to-day,
to enable you to discover the vast Intelligence behind creation,
you have numerous creative people who embark on difficult journeys
to explore, determine and photograph
the habitats and habits of wild creatures and plants.
5.78.1 You are entertained – and instructed – by a feast of facts
and photographs of the wonders of your universe.
5.78.2 In my time on earth, I had no such marvels to refer to
in order to teach the Jews the universal Truth of Existence. I only had domestic animals and birds to use as examples
of the marvellous inventiveness and intelligence and awareness
apparent in every living thing.
5.79 Nowhere has it been written in the gospels that I referred to a High
and Mighty Jehovah as Creator as was customary with the Jewish Leaders.
No, I turned to the countryside, the flowers and birds and tried
to show my fellow countrymen that theywere surrounded
by a marvellous and miraculous creation.
5.79.1 Two thousand years ago in your dimension,
we lacked your modern scientific background to be able
to intelligently observe and explain the activity of what I termed
the Father everywhere around them.